About Us

THUSANYO is part of a global group of companies that provide staffing solutions and recruitment services to major corporations spread across three continents. We are based in South Africa with our headquarters in Secunda, allowing us to effectively service the Southern African market.

Whether you need long-term employees or temporary staffing, we deliver specialised professionals in all major sectors. Managing your workforce and finding qualified individuals is now a simpler task as Thusanyo adds value by truly collaborating with you to solve your staffing challenges, delivering quality with efficiency during the entire recruitment process.

What we can do for you

Contigent staffing
Executive Search
Managed SErvices
Direct Placement

Contingent Staffing

Whether your needs align with a long-term contract or contract-to-hire, Thusanyo can help find the best applicants for the position. During our recruitment process, we practice building meaningful relationships with our candidates, with the reward being better matches between clients and candidates. Additionally, we continue to invest in our contingent workforce after they have been hired. This gives us and our clients further staffing solution advantages, as we provide on-going training, development and mentorship to our hired staff.

Executive Search

Finding highly qualifed and available professionals with the right expertise, talent and skills to steer you to corporate success can be a time-consuming and challenging process. We ofer this niche service, usually focusing on C-level roles, to exclusively research, reach and qualify leading market candidates who are best suited to our clients and their custom needs. At this highly competitive level, having an executive search partner becomes essential in attracting, connecting and ultimately hiring top-tier talent.

Managed Services

Through our managed services, Thusanyo seeks to greatly ease the task of organising your workforce. The greater value our experienced managerial candidates and teams add to our clients’ particular projects is strengthened by our tailored solutions approach. Typically, we implement a statement of
work (SoW), which supports the specific requirements of the client. This ensures that our growing pipeline of candidates in key areas deliver on objectives set in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Direct Placement

If you require a direct hire, we will use our experience and knowledge of our skilled talent base to find the best ft for the position. Having our candidates go through our rigorous customised qualifying methods gives us an advantage in accurately assessing their capability to excel in your organisation, contributing to your corporate success. Whether it is a full-time, temporary or a temporary-to-hire position, our fee is only payable once you have hired one of our candidates.